The Enchantment of the Beauty of Mount Batur in Bali

The Enchantment of the Beauty of Mount Batur in Bali. The Bali tour package with all the complete facilities, friendly service and affordable prices is the only best choice for you to support your leisure trip. Especially with comfortable accommodation and affordable prices such as Bali transportation rental, making the moment of traveling on Mount Batur Bali more complete and easy.

Mount Batur island of Bali is a mountain in Bali that has a height of around 1,717 m. If in other tourist areas such as the beach you can enjoy the excitement of Balinese water sports then at this tourist spot you can enjoy the most beautiful and largest caldera or crater in the world, measuring 13.8 × 10 km with a height of 1267 m to 2152 m.

Many tourists from various regions, both local and foreign, have visited the beauty of Mount Batur's charm that holds various beautiful and enchanting tourist attractions. Its beauty is very unique compared to other places making it a favorite place in Indonesia. In addition, with all the facilities and infrastructure for the tourism sector that are very complete and complete, anyone who visits there will be very comfortable and safe.

Now if you are one of the mountain lovers, of course you want to adventure to climb to reach the amazing charm. So you can make Mount Batur bali with a million beauty as your tourist destination this time. offers many choices of packages that you can choose.

To get to Mount Batur Bali, located in Kintamani District, Bangli Regency, you can take advantage of one of the mainstay island resort accommodations such as car rental in Bali. This active volcano is located northwest of Mount Agung. For those of you newlyweds there is no harm in spending a honeymoon moment with a Bali honeymoon package by climbing at Mount Batur.

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